30 Dec 2013

Batman: Arkham Origins - Early Characters

And for the last post in the series, here are some initial character explorations, based on a very early design of the game that we later changed. Initially we considered the thugs being more of a minor supervillain in the making, that you get to evolve in to something more significant as you play, but later that change in order to have better alignment with the core title and various other reasons. I still feel quite fond of those, a simple, but fun bunch of mobster ideas to play with. Make sure to check Mr Manuel Dischinger's gallery to see how the thug designs evolved and were brought to quite spectacular completion.

Twenty Watches, Vast Vin, Manfred Cast and co.
Firecracker Phil variations and evolution into Fuse. 
Mailman, Spam, Jolt and Insulator
The various variants of Vast Vin.

26 Dec 2013

Batman: Arkham Origins - ARSENAL

Here's good chance to post a bit more of the exploration process that went into a few pieces of design.
We attempted to infuse the weapon designs with a mixture of the modern, the classic 40s mobster style, and hints of Art Deco and truly make them look and feel like unique, little pieces of Gotham City.

The Skeleton Rifle or Zip Gun - the default goto side arm of every Gotham thug.
Sawn-off shotgun.
 Shotgun explorations, in brackets the ones we picked.
Joker gang - nail gun design and explorations.

Bane's Rocket Launcher

Assault Rifle Explorations - Light, medium and heavy

Sniper Rifle Explorations
SMG explorations
Machine Pistol Explorations

16 Dec 2013

Batman: Arkham Origins - Wonder City Robot Factory

Here are a few of my humble contributions to the Robot Factory map, design on which was led by by my talented (in a few more things than DotA 2) team mate A.Porter. This turned out to be one of our most visually successful maps, so if you get the chance by all means check it out! Environment art was handled by M.Lambert, J.Grafton and Angelo Dal Pra.

9 Dec 2013

Batman: Arkham Origins - Funhouse

Here are a few of the initial explorations and few lighting, mood and detail overprints of our take on Joker's Funhouse. On the environment side for the project we had we had Angelo Dal Pra, Mark McLeod, Myles Lambert.

5 Dec 2013

Batman: Arkham Origins - Blackgate Prison

Here's second part - Blackgate Penitentiary, a location designed in collaboration with Andrew Porter and brought to life by the amazing Environment art and Level design teams at Splash Damage.

Blackgate Penitentiary

Exterior approach - Island

Exterior approach - Hill variant

Yard Guard towers

Prison complex

Guard posts

2 Dec 2013

Batman: Arkham Origins lives - Wayne Chemical

OK, here it is, I know it was ages since I had the opportunity to post some big project work, but now the game's finally out, or shall I say both of the games.
I had the opportunity as you might have guessed to work on the latest Batman game, as the Lead Concept Artist for the Multiplayer component developed here at Splash Damage. I had the pleasure the work with a bunch of extremely talented people (Andrew Porter, Manuel Dischinger being the CA team)and explore a few unique for the Multiplayer locations. Due to the amount of work I'll be posting all the concept at location by location, to avoid monster posts.
Here's the first one.

Wayne Chemical
A dysfunctional chemical factory subsidiary of Wayne Enterprise, revived by to Joker to serve his sinister plans.

Pumping Station

Waste Disposal

Loading and Storage

19 Nov 2013

The Shrub - Javelin Bearer of East Pass

Here's pencil rendering exercise doubling as a concept for one of my personal little game projects, codename d The Shrub. I hope I'll be able to put up a little page about it at some point. Meanwhile I decided to stop keeping all this side project work for myself and share it here. She's a Javelin Bearer from East Pass, a mountain city state and one of two warring factions in between which my main character is caught. More bits and snippets about East Pass, West Port and The Shrub to follow soon.

4 Aug 2013

Roving Towers

An mashup exercise using bits of pieces of a prop concept I did some time ago and building on it.

3 Apr 2013

Eregir Lat

Here's a character design I started ages ago and just decided to wrap up today, related to one of my oldest story/world ideas. Almost completely blind, but can see/sense metal objects quite well. Hope to be able to tell more of the story at some point.

1 Apr 2013

Smoke Hammer

Experimenting with quicker, simple technique in order to fit some paining back in to my scarce and tight free time.

28 Jun 2012

Where Our Forefathers Slumber

Messing about with the smudge, with a slight focus n hard/soft transitions.

27 Jun 2012

The Passage

Mashed up a few old paintings and sketches and tried to quickly finish whatever I came up with. I guess you can call it an exercise in recycling. A good thing to do whenever stuck.

24 Apr 2012

Light on Plaster and Beaver Skull

Here are parts of my recent efforts to improve my understanding of light, done in series of lunch breaks . Thanks to Mr.Baines for really bringing my attention to that. You can check out some of his way more refined studies here.