11 Feb 2010


A random figure sketch. Just trying to loosen up. I haven't done anything even remotely related to figures or characters lately. I evidently need more studies from life or ref. Life preferably. I tried bringing it a bit further in several directions, but finally resided it's not going anywhere and I should maybe rest for a bit from overdesining stuff and just enjoy the painting.

2 Feb 2010

Teal Thunder

Part of series of experiments I started that include picking a really small photo thumbnail of random vehicle(car), with a pallet and overall perspective I like and using this as a starting point and building on top, whatever comes. In general, turning old cars in a futuristic and some times retro-futuristic, armored vehicles in bright colors. If I get time to finish them expect me posting the rest of them in not so distant future.

Out in the Desert

A derert patrol bot and its crew, meeting the sunrise.

Shaded thumbnail, B/W sketch and final.