30 Jan 2011

Five Helmets

Here are five quickly rendered in B/W helmets, part of a series of 100 that I never finished. Mostly because I planed to render all of them in this way. Will probably post the rest of them at some point in whatever state they're in when I have time to assemble them :). The designs are completely random, just an exercise.

24 Jan 2011

Centrifuge Outcasts Head Mechanic

This one is a paint over an old sketch I did for the [neo]martyr project ages ago, I decided to paint it over recently, but the overall lack of perspective and depth to the portrait finally managed to put me off polishing it more. Nevertheless a good exercise that helped me realise some things that I was lacking and need to study more. Also I think that In my attempts to fix problems with the initial sketch I lost a lot of the character and attitude I had going on there.

21 Jan 2011

Random Locations

Random eviroment studies of locations from Google Street View, found trough http://www.mapcrunch.com/. I've planed to do one each launch break this week but managed to find time only for 3. Maybe 3 per week is a more realistic number, we shall see.

20 Jan 2011

Square Boat

Here's something done for the Monthly theme over at the Sijun forums. SQUARRRES!!! And many thanks to sparth for starting the rectangular craze :).

18 Jan 2011

Robot Got Back

Here's a bot I've spend too much time on. Time to move on.
You can download a vid showing some process steps here: