1 Dec 2009


A recurring character of mine I keep drawing and redesigning from time to time. Here's the latest version.

Magic Hammer WIP

This is a sketch a started a looong time ago and intended to finish before posting, something I'll probably never do so here it is all of it's unfinished glory.  

The idea in few word:  a bad ass warrior mage with a knick for picking locks and brewing potion, wielding a great hammer of war. In other words - the most thinly spread multi-class possible to achieve in Eschalon Book I by Basilisk Games (http://basiliskgames.com/) . For some good old fashioned dungeon crawling goodness check the demo of this fine indy rpg!

29 Nov 2009

Mixed Media Attempt 2

 Here's my second recent mixed media attempt/test/exercise.

Quick black Marker sketch +  Some Acrylics + Some Photoshop.

Alchemy experiments

Here are some experiments I did some time ago with trowing some quick shades(PShop) on top of b/w mess quickly done in Alchemy. I was planning to do more of those but finally ended with just two. Maybe some day, I'll play with this process some more.

28 Nov 2009

Bike Sketch

A quick and tiny doodle of bike and girl. Just a rough idea from some time ago, I never posted back then.

4 Sep 2009


Here's a speed paint of random vehicle, without any thought involved. The task was to impovise and get something finished in decent level of detail in about an hour. I kinda worked, the lighting is a bit vague and the design is meh, but it kinda looks cute. I also managed to get a video of this one recorded and it's being already 3 hours since I'm trying to downsize it and crop it a bit, no success this far. 

And here's the time-laps. The quality is a bit poor, don't ask how I did it, it was long and painful. I hope it'll be useful :).

2 Sep 2009


Here's a quick hue study. It was just a quick exercise in me trying to stick to local tones an use shadows and darks only if necessary. I'm kinda happy with it, should do more.

Of Charshop and Photocoal

A little charcoal doodle made a bit more plausible with the help of PS, done inspired by Aeon telling me repetitively just how awesome charcoals were. (slightly inspired by Zhaoming Wu)

Forest of the Pierced Stones

And here's finally the unremarkable first post on my blog I've being postponing for ages. Some mystique forest thumbnails, with strange monoliths hiding in between the trees. Started like another set of those popular lumpy stone mound environments, but accidentally they got equipped with a few branches here and there an voila we've got a strange looking forest of towering trees.