17 Mar 2010

Sun Bathed Towers

Here are to speed from today, tried to hit the 20-30 min time limit with those and almost did it, one is for 30 and the other 35. I just couldn't stop :P.

10 Mar 2010

9 Mar 2010

Planetside Patrol

A quick B&W sketch with some curves for flavor. I should try to suggest more with some colors on top for that time, but I still lack the confidence I guess.


Something out of the archives, this thing I started somewhere in 2008 and had several failed attempts to bring to a finished state. So I guess it's not getting more finished than that. It's weird that there's something in that image that I still like after so much time, so I decided to share it.

The Huntress

Here's little something from the end of last year. I didn't originally post it because I had plans to have it polished a bit, I never did it. Finally decided that some sketches are a lot better left unfinished.

Conversation with the master

Here's a speedy from last month, trying to improve my speed a bit, finishing thinks faster preferably in one go. Still doesn't work most of the time and I find myself overdoing parts again and again. I also tried out some new brushes here.