30 Dec 2010

Captain of the Night Watch

Captain of the night watch, character concept inspired by renaissance costumes, wielding a rapier and a short stiletto dagger
Captain of the Night Watch, work in progress, steps showing the painting process

And exercise trying to speed up my procedure when painting character. Trying hard not to overdo things and keep them quick, balanced, and spontaneous. Still not fast enough, took me couple of hours to do most of it and ages to decide on what final touches to put.

23 Dec 2010

By The Falls

Speed painting depicting a group of primitive figures, near some waterfalls in a winter scenery of huge carved boulders, with a forest as background
Wish I did more like this one!

Sand City

Painting of a desert canyon with a city slightly reminiscent of Petra, but with more Arabic and Eurasian influences to the architecture, some evidences of a modern civilization are visible, like a tram and silhouette of a car in the foreground
Something that has been lying around my my to finish folder for ages, and it's not going any better than that, which is not great, but I still like some little Ideas and elements here and there.

25 Nov 2010

19 Nov 2010

The Art of BRINK on CGSociety

Recently a great article came out on CGSociety showcasing some new concept art and other art production details from BRINK. Feel free to check it out and leave some feedback. All concept art pieces courtesy of myself and Laurel Austin aka. Tully. Enjoy.

1 Nov 2010

Trailing The Wall

Here's a small sketch I did some time ago and forgot to post, or more likely postponed in the hopes that it could turn into a more finished illustration.

25 Oct 2010


This one could have used more polish and less grain/noise, but I delayed it too long. So it's time for it to go!

23 Oct 2010

Sneige Portrait


A Semi-stylized portrait of my amazing wife Snezhana aka. Sneige check her works on sneige.com or her blog orangethyme.blogspot.com !

Attack Of The Saints

Randomly conceived image, by sticking some random older speeds together and tweaking colours, under the strong influence of Thom Scholes amazing imagery. This one stayed on my hard drive for quite a while in the hopes of getting some polish, but finally I decided this it as finished as it gets.

1 Oct 2010

The Streets

Decided that I need to practice more low-tech architecture. Here's an attempt based as usual on a tiny pencil thumbnail. I got carried away with expanding my composition and other things. Will most certainly do more of those and try and pay attention to the the style of architecture too.

14 Sep 2010

The Approaching Lights

A quick one. In pursuit of figuring out a procedure to finish paintings faster.

100 Heads

Here's another 100 things exercise, heads this time. Most of them really bad attempts some not so bad. The important thing learned tons of thing, thing's that I do wrong and many I need to improve or concentrate more on. Here's a list of some.

- Increase format, tiny moleskin is nice quick and comfortable, but the lack of "resolution" messes your proportions and often the sense of scale. Makes you miss things.

- Pay more attention to perspective in faces, try and exaggerate it when needed. Yes it's there especially when the viewer is very close to the subject.

- Pay more attention to subtleties and detail, something the larger format allows.

- Fill in my visual dictionary with greater variety of expressions, not only extremes, but ones expressing more subtle feelings too.

- Do more studies from life and reference. Those are never enough. And are especially useful after s loon series you've tried to pull out of your head.

- There's maybe more.

note: some heads might be missing, because done on separate sheets or SBs if I manage to track those down and scan them I'll add them here

28 Aug 2010

Orthodox Police - Temple Guardian

Over painted a bit an old concept I did for a personal project codenamed Martyr or [neo]martyr some time ago. The project is frozen and I still have tones of half finished concepts from it that I need to process and post so stay tuned for more in near future.

4 Jul 2010

100 Arms

Some thumbnails for a challenge I was doing with some friends. I've gotten a bit rusty in that department, so those were really useful to remind me where I have to improve. I even got a couple not half as bad as the rest :P.

15 Jun 2010


I tried to stick to more realistic and authentic feel in terms of proportions, but still adding enough in terms of details and elements to make it distinct and not quite of our historical past.

10 May 2010

Ferry to Nowhere

Trying to be more spontaneous and balanced here. The ground could have used some more attention probably, and I'm still not sure if it wasn't better flipped the other way or whatever :) moving on.

25 Apr 2010


Tried some organic landscape approach to some jet fighters, I might explore this idea further with other subjects.

17 Mar 2010

Sun Bathed Towers

Here are to speed from today, tried to hit the 20-30 min time limit with those and almost did it, one is for 30 and the other 35. I just couldn't stop :P.

10 Mar 2010

9 Mar 2010

Planetside Patrol

A quick B&W sketch with some curves for flavor. I should try to suggest more with some colors on top for that time, but I still lack the confidence I guess.


Something out of the archives, this thing I started somewhere in 2008 and had several failed attempts to bring to a finished state. So I guess it's not getting more finished than that. It's weird that there's something in that image that I still like after so much time, so I decided to share it.

The Huntress

Here's little something from the end of last year. I didn't originally post it because I had plans to have it polished a bit, I never did it. Finally decided that some sketches are a lot better left unfinished.

Conversation with the master

Here's a speedy from last month, trying to improve my speed a bit, finishing thinks faster preferably in one go. Still doesn't work most of the time and I find myself overdoing parts again and again. I also tried out some new brushes here.

11 Feb 2010


A random figure sketch. Just trying to loosen up. I haven't done anything even remotely related to figures or characters lately. I evidently need more studies from life or ref. Life preferably. I tried bringing it a bit further in several directions, but finally resided it's not going anywhere and I should maybe rest for a bit from overdesining stuff and just enjoy the painting.

2 Feb 2010

Teal Thunder

Part of series of experiments I started that include picking a really small photo thumbnail of random vehicle(car), with a pallet and overall perspective I like and using this as a starting point and building on top, whatever comes. In general, turning old cars in a futuristic and some times retro-futuristic, armored vehicles in bright colors. If I get time to finish them expect me posting the rest of them in not so distant future.

Out in the Desert

A derert patrol bot and its crew, meeting the sunrise.

Shaded thumbnail, B/W sketch and final.