25 Oct 2010


This one could have used more polish and less grain/noise, but I delayed it too long. So it's time for it to go!

23 Oct 2010

Sneige Portrait


A Semi-stylized portrait of my amazing wife Snezhana aka. Sneige check her works on sneige.com or her blog orangethyme.blogspot.com !

Attack Of The Saints

Randomly conceived image, by sticking some random older speeds together and tweaking colours, under the strong influence of Thom Scholes amazing imagery. This one stayed on my hard drive for quite a while in the hopes of getting some polish, but finally I decided this it as finished as it gets.

1 Oct 2010

The Streets

Decided that I need to practice more low-tech architecture. Here's an attempt based as usual on a tiny pencil thumbnail. I got carried away with expanding my composition and other things. Will most certainly do more of those and try and pay attention to the the style of architecture too.