28 Jun 2012

Where Our Forefathers Slumber

Messing about with the smudge, with a slight focus n hard/soft transitions.

27 Jun 2012

The Passage

Mashed up a few old paintings and sketches and tried to quickly finish whatever I came up with. I guess you can call it an exercise in recycling. A good thing to do whenever stuck.

24 Apr 2012

Light on Plaster and Beaver Skull

Here are parts of my recent efforts to improve my understanding of light, done in series of lunch breaks . Thanks to Mr.Baines for really bringing my attention to that. You can check out some of his way more refined studies here.

8 Jan 2012

Figures In Line 02

More of those one is from photo the rest invented. I was lazy here again, It's about time I move on the more detailed sketches. I hope the next batch will be more refined.