30 Dec 2010

Captain of the Night Watch

Captain of the night watch, character concept inspired by renaissance costumes, wielding a rapier and a short stiletto dagger
Captain of the Night Watch, work in progress, steps showing the painting process

And exercise trying to speed up my procedure when painting character. Trying hard not to overdo things and keep them quick, balanced, and spontaneous. Still not fast enough, took me couple of hours to do most of it and ages to decide on what final touches to put.

23 Dec 2010

By The Falls

Speed painting depicting a group of primitive figures, near some waterfalls in a winter scenery of huge carved boulders, with a forest as background
Wish I did more like this one!

Sand City

Painting of a desert canyon with a city slightly reminiscent of Petra, but with more Arabic and Eurasian influences to the architecture, some evidences of a modern civilization are visible, like a tram and silhouette of a car in the foreground
Something that has been lying around my my to finish folder for ages, and it's not going any better than that, which is not great, but I still like some little Ideas and elements here and there.