4 Sept 2009


Here's a speed paint of random vehicle, without any thought involved. The task was to impovise and get something finished in decent level of detail in about an hour. I kinda worked, the lighting is a bit vague and the design is meh, but it kinda looks cute. I also managed to get a video of this one recorded and it's being already 3 hours since I'm trying to downsize it and crop it a bit, no success this far. 

And here's the time-laps. The quality is a bit poor, don't ask how I did it, it was long and painful. I hope it'll be useful :).


Mortleg said...

I have to say that its amazing, especially for a 1 hour work. The design is very good with those egg shaped front and back. It does look cute.

Windmaker said...

Reminds me of a snail:)
It's super-awesome! And I just love seeing how the loose shapes get tightened up in accordance with perspective. You go!

speedspot said...

nice job!