30 Dec 2010

Captain of the Night Watch

Captain of the night watch, character concept inspired by renaissance costumes, wielding a rapier and a short stiletto dagger
Captain of the Night Watch, work in progress, steps showing the painting process

And exercise trying to speed up my procedure when painting character. Trying hard not to overdo things and keep them quick, balanced, and spontaneous. Still not fast enough, took me couple of hours to do most of it and ages to decide on what final touches to put.


Ben Ho said...

Lovely work mate. Liking how you sculpted the face and the strong colours gives it a graphic look. The Brink article on cgsociety was great too!

Anthony Francisco said...

Great shapes on this guy. The hundred sketch exercise is pretty cool. I will try to do one myself.


DeMita said...

Hey man, thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm honored :) I love your work! You have a lot of variety and great shape design! Glad I ran across this stuff.