3 Feb 2011

Orthodox Police - Light Priests

Here are some more old [neo]martyr concepts/thumbnails.
Those are the three branches of the priest class of the Orthodox police in their light to medium variants.

The Apostle - a sort of a battle priest missionary type character using a range of light weapons. Adept at dealing with hostile situations.

The Holy Smoker - bearing a range of large incense burners and staves and the heavy robes of a higher order.

The Proclamator - Voice of the law of the church.


Unknown said...
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Jen Zee said...

I love these so much. I would marry them. There is something that really touches me (in a not creepy...weird way)about your choices of shapes!

Ian said...

I really love this neoMartyr project; such great design and a cool backstory :D

Calader said...

Thanks Ian, yeah it was great while it lasted, I still have some more unreleased sketches and concept art that I'll try to polish a bit and post when I've got chance!
Jen :) tanks that's glad you like my ummm...shapes :), it's a great compliment comping from you! Btw love those last Bastion screens totally looking forward to this game!