21 Jan 2011

Random Locations

Random eviroment studies of locations from Google Street View, found trough http://www.mapcrunch.com/. I've planed to do one each launch break this week but managed to find time only for 3. Maybe 3 per week is a more realistic number, we shall see.


Sukh said...

Nice, getting a lot of information down in these. How long is your lunch break?!

Anonymous said...

that's a cool idea man! I just found this site last night http://www.public-domain-photos.com

Geoff Shupe - Concept Artist said...

hey Georgi!
Thanks for stopping by and all the kind words. I really appreciate it coming from you. I've been following you for a while now, and am continually inspired!
Great mapcrunch link, I'll be makin good use of it. I'll be hard at work pursuing more 'excellent' quality schtuff. Keep in touch man! I'd always love to hear your thoughts, for good AND bad.

Calader said...

Hey, guys thank a lot for the comments. My lunch break is an hour, usually waste at least 15-20 minutes for food, so I have around 40 mins for painting if I'm lucky and don't get distracted. So first image(the one at the bottom) took mu around 30-40 mins and it's pretty much a mess. On the second one(the Japanese street) I spend half an hour on one day, and than another half on the next day to finish it, architecture just takes more time, but it was just to much fun to abandon after the fist 30 mins. The last one in the middle, I actually did after work, in Friday, I was bout to make them at least 3 for the week, will try to keep this as a weekly tradition. I took about an hour to. I ended fiddling a lot near the end with the ditch/bank and the files, there were some relay interesting subtle variations in the surface there that I was trying to figure out. I also relay enjoined the trees on the other side, for some reason for the first time I felt good painting trees :). I mean It's the first time I thing it's somehow working out.