24 Jan 2011

Centrifuge Outcasts Head Mechanic

This one is a paint over an old sketch I did for the [neo]martyr project ages ago, I decided to paint it over recently, but the overall lack of perspective and depth to the portrait finally managed to put me off polishing it more. Nevertheless a good exercise that helped me realise some things that I was lacking and need to study more. Also I think that In my attempts to fix problems with the initial sketch I lost a lot of the character and attitude I had going on there.


Jen Zee said...

Hey, thanks for the kind words on my blog :). I just wanted to say what a huge fan of your work I am! Consider me a dedicated follower :).

Calader said...

Hey, Jen I'm really happy that you dropped by. And I'm honoured to have a follower like you :). I've probably said that on other occasions but I'm a big fan of yours too!

Anonymous said...

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