2 Dec 2013

Batman: Arkham Origins lives - Wayne Chemical

OK, here it is, I know it was ages since I had the opportunity to post some big project work, but now the game's finally out, or shall I say both of the games.
I had the opportunity as you might have guessed to work on the latest Batman game, as the Lead Concept Artist for the Multiplayer component developed here at Splash Damage. I had the pleasure the work with a bunch of extremely talented people (Andrew Porter, Manuel Dischinger being the CA team)and explore a few unique for the Multiplayer locations. Due to the amount of work I'll be posting all the concept at location by location, to avoid monster posts.
Here's the first one.

Wayne Chemical
A dysfunctional chemical factory subsidiary of Wayne Enterprise, revived by to Joker to serve his sinister plans.

Pumping Station

Waste Disposal

Loading and Storage

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Aaron Wilkerson said...

Damn dude! You were holding out on us. Very cool concepts. Wish I knew how you did it.
btw, I put a link to your blog on mine: wilkersonart.wordpress.com