26 Dec 2013

Batman: Arkham Origins - ARSENAL

Here's good chance to post a bit more of the exploration process that went into a few pieces of design.
We attempted to infuse the weapon designs with a mixture of the modern, the classic 40s mobster style, and hints of Art Deco and truly make them look and feel like unique, little pieces of Gotham City.

The Skeleton Rifle or Zip Gun - the default goto side arm of every Gotham thug.
Sawn-off shotgun.
 Shotgun explorations, in brackets the ones we picked.
Joker gang - nail gun design and explorations.

Bane's Rocket Launcher

Assault Rifle Explorations - Light, medium and heavy

Sniper Rifle Explorations
SMG explorations
Machine Pistol Explorations


santiago ibarra said...

so what program do you use to make the models you render over?

Calader said...

Currently Maya, I've used MAX and XSI in the past. But for concept blockouts I find Maya allows you to be looser and less structured in comparison to Max for example.